Master Number 11: Personality and Powers

master number 11

In numerology, it is customary to reduce numbers with double digits to single digits. This applies to every number apart from the numbers 11, 22 and 33. These three numbers are referred to as ”Master Numbers” and they are special numbers with unique qualities. People with master numbers are usually called old souls.

They are called old souls because of the wisdom and deep spiritual insights they exhibit. Even as a child, people with master numbers can be as wise as adults far ahead of their age. It is because of this and many other traits that master numbers are held in high regard in numerology.

What Message Does Master Number 11 Convey?

If you’re lucky enough to have the master number 11, you must understand who you are and what you’re capable of. This will help you navigate through life with much ease and fulfill your life purpose with perfection. Read further to find out the secrets that lay hidden in the powers and personality of the master number 11.


As earlier stated, people with master numbers show deep wisdom and spiritual enlightenment far beyond their age. This ability reflects in all master numbers. As a number 11, your show of wisdom is even stronger.

You combine the powerful energy of Zeus in number 1 twice which represents a mighty force of dominant wisdom, knowledge, power and brute strength. The imposing force of the number 11 means you’re not shy to show your wisdom. There’s a boldness about you as you strive to educate above all.

Unfortunately, your imposing nature may come off as offensive to people sometimes. This should not deter you, but you must come to the realization that you’re a special person with qualities that only a few people on earth possess. Master number 11 also associates with empathy.

You take stories of war and cruelty to humans and even animals to heart. You wish the world was a safer place for everyone and you’re always willing to help in any little way you can. This caring nature often endears you to people and puts you in a position of leadership. 


Master number 11 associates with spiritual abilities and strong spiritual intelligence. These people can access a higher spiritual sense than most. The level of their spirituality means they can see visions, dream significant dreams, and prophesy about things that are yet to happen.

Some people with number 11 who are even more connected to their spirituality are healers and possess strong and accurate intuitions.

Amongst equals, it is easy for people to spot you as the unique one, because of the powers you possess. You can foresee and foretell events before they happen, and this will bring you to see the world in a much different light.

With the power of the master number 11, you will be able to help many people who are lost and hoping to find their way. Your deep spiritual insights mean you’re able to discern people and situations.

Your analysis is perfect, making it easier to profer solutions to people’s problems. This number puts you in a place where you’ll be able to help many but look at yourself too.

To fulfill your purpose, you need to always be in sync with activities in the spiritual realm. You’re no ordinary person, and there’s no reason why you should act as on. Your connection with the spirit realm will determine the strength of your powers.

Careers Related to Your Personality and Powers of Master Number 11

With the kind of personality and power related with the number 11, there are many interesting career paths that people with this master number can take. One such career is being an athlete.

The combination of number 1 means you’re driven to always be the best at what you do. This drive will help you to become extremely good at sports. Many top athletes have the master number 11 and it’s a true testament of the powers of this number.

Another interesting career path associated with master number 11 is any career that relates to leadership. This is why many people with this master number find themselves in politics.

The show of empathy towards other people’s predicaments helps this career choice and the wisdom and knowledge number 11 associates with.

Other interesting career choices could be as mediums, fortune tellers and spiritual leaders based on the immense spiritual powers that are associated with master number 11.

Master Number 11 and Your Love Life

Master number 11 correlates with high sensitivity and sensuality. People with this number are often great listeners and make great lovers. Your intuition means you mostly understand your partner’s feelings. You’re not guessing, you know. You care so much and so hard that you might come off as being too nice, but your sensitivity and emotional maturity will get you through tough times and complicated partners.

The problem, however, is that people with this number are often too busy fulfilling their life’s purpose that they have too little time for love. While normal people worry about their life, you are thinking about kids suffering in Africa.

You were born to care and there’s nothing you can do about that. It is, therefore, important that you find a partner who will understand you completely and can accept that you’re meant for a higher calling and will give you their full support.

Meanwhile, spend your time in a way that you have an ample opportunity to be with your partner.


Master number 11 is like no other number in numerology. There is so much about the personality and powers that people associated with this number are destined to be great.

With great power comes great responsibility, and it’s essential to dedicate your life to serving others, that is your purpose.

Whether it is to bring them joy as a top athlete or solutions as a President, it is essential to find your purpose and work towards fulfilling them as early as possible.

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