Angel Number 98 Meaning & Symbolism

Angel number 98 represents spiritual development, positive energies, personal power, an abundance of wealth, and mental strength. 

This angelic sign bears good fruit and helpful blessings to all who encounter it.

Seeing this atomic number often means one important phase of your life is coming to an end while other new opportunities are unfolding. 

It is true what they say, when one door closes, another door opens. Number 98 is proof of this powerful message.

Angel number 98 has significant humanitarian purposes due to the number nine. These vibrational energies remind us to serve everyone, no matter what our current life situation may be. 

Here we’ll look at the meaning and significance of Angel number 98 and the wisdom it carries with it.

Angel Number 98 Meaning and Significance

The angel numbers nine and eight contribute to the secret meaning of Angel number 98. 

The single-digit nine represents the completion of events, finding a life purpose, charitable causes, and positive changes.

Angel number eight is tied to karmic law, life stability, precious prosperity, overall progress, and financial abundance. 

With these two number sequences combined, we can see that the number 98 is a good sign from your guardian angels.

With this potent destiny number, you can expect all the rewards in life and new beginnings as you start to discover your spiritual purpose. 

This will require you to embrace change and maintain a positive attitude as you step onto this new journey.

Your angels want to lead you down the right path and they are willing to provide any additional guidance you may need. 

The unseen hand of the angels is always at work in our lives, even when we feel isolated and alone.

The angels and ascended masters can bring us success, abundance, wealth, joy, and so much more in due time.

What Does Angel Number 98 Mean Spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of Angel number 98 heavily involves serving others in the community. 

In order to achieve success, your guardian angels are urging you to get in touch with your inner wisdom, empathy, and love.

Your spiritual journey is dependent on your ability to love and serve others. Because of Angel number nine, the spiritual law of service is in full effect. 

This will benefit humanity in the long run and greatly benefit you as well because serving others furthers our spiritual development.

There are many universal spiritual laws, but I believe this is the most important of all. We have so many obligations in our busy lives, but we can always create more time to put others first.

Some people will be called to do great things like building institutions for the lasting benefit of an entire community. For others, the stakes are smaller but equally important. 

For example, you can care for the elderly in your neighborhood, providing them with support and companionship.

Ultimately, we should be continually establishing systems both big and small to assist those in the community who need it most. With our angel’s guidance, we can accomplish this and so much more.

What is the Symbolism of Angel Number 98?

The symbolic meaning of Angel number 98 is fairly obvious, but somehow people tend to bypass it. 

Because the number 98 is near the end of the traditional number sequence ending in 100, this number often signifies the end of a very important era or phase in life.

This termination might feel difficult at first, but ultimately you should know that material gains are on the other side of this closed door. 

Focus on your future and what you want most out of life and your guardian angels will abundantly provide for you.

Maybe you will be promoted to a skilled managers position at your job or it is possible you will soon meet someone who could change your life. 

The possibilities are endless as the universe always has our best interest in mind.

You can expect many gifts from the angels of both spiritual and material nature. These are both of equal importance for your future. 

While material blessings might have lasting value, spiritual gifts are straight from the divine source and can never be taken away from us.

Prepare yourself for blessings, but know that the abundance we speak of is not merely physical. Your wealth will extend into the spiritual, mental, and emotional areas of your life as well.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 98?

If you keep seeing the number 98 in your daily life then the angels are trying to get your attention. 

These root numbers might show up on an important date (like a birthday) or they might pop up during your workday on your cell phone or computer.

Either way, if a number starts appearing frequently in your life then you should take it as a sign from the universe to pay close attention. 

The same numbers that present as angel numbers might just be the good luck charm you need at this stage of your life.

If you are seeing the number 98 specifically this is likely because you are in the midst of a spiritual transformation and your angels are granting you a sixth sense as you navigate through this intense experience.

Sometimes this number signifies material gains, so you can also expect financial provision if this is something you have been struggling with. 

This might be a sign that your financial troubles are behind you at last. Use your own inner wisdom and intuition to walk down this spiritual path and period of transition. 

Your angels will give you everything you need and you will often find that the answers to some of your questions were inside of you all along.

The number 98 also signifies efficiency in a way so this should remind you to be better prepared no matter what journey you are on. 

Take the necessary steps to be punctual, thoughtful, and efficient in all things. This will have a beneficial effect in every area of your life.

What Does Angel Number 98 Mean In Love?

In your love life, Angel number 98 shows up big and provides great success to all those who encounter it. 

Along with the message of change and transition, you can expect things to change for the better in your current relationship. 

One necessary component of this change is your willingness to communicate openly and transparently. 

This is one relational element often completely forgotten, especially if you two have been together for an extensive period of time.

The meaning of the number 98 encourages us to be authentic in our relationships because this will truly lead to success. Focus on the good, but don’t leave out the areas of improvement or difficult emotions.

Even when it’s uncomfortable, you should express yourself with your partner because they deserve to know you at your core. Be your truest self and they will do the same in return.


In conclusion, the meaning of Angel number 98 should help you motivate people through acts of service, experience abundance, and guide you to love your partner most effectively.

Your guardian angels will lead you down this transformative path and ultimately guide you toward success in everything that you do.

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