Angel Number 939: From Within Outwards

For millennia, people have looked to the heavens to find direction and guidance in their lives. 

Whether it’s the first seafarers who looked to the stars to find their way home or the ancient Babylonians who took the stars as symbolic messages from the divine, what is above us has always been our guiding light through our journeys in life.

Today, the complexities and intricacies of everyday life can pull a lot of our focus towards the material world. It is, after all, happening right in front of our eyes.

However, the heavens still sit above us looking down on each of our lives, hoping for a chance to give input, comfort, or guidance just like before, and looking for the opportunity to connect with us and communicate in beautiful, personal ways.

Given that our attention is so caught up in our day to day life, our angels or the Universe instead have to find subtle ways to connect with us. One such way that is commonly used by the divine to send a message is the repeated appearance of numbers.

By placing a number or number sequence in different areas of your life, your angels give you the opportunity to receive guidance or encouragement from them. Your attention is usually drawn to these holy signs momentarily, by the soft nudge of your intuition, or “gut feeling.”

If your intuition has led you to seeing the number 939 over and over again in different places, you may be left feeling frustrated or confused by what this could mean.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the number 939 as it appears in numerology, a body of knowledge that links each number to its divine symbolism.

Angel Number 939 – Your Questions, Answered

What does the number 939 mean in numerology?

In numerology, the number 939 is a blend of the influences from the numbers 9 and 3. Since 9 appears twice, its effects are amplified and magnified, making the energies of the number 9 especially prominent in this number.

The message produced by the number 939 often urges you to let go of anything in your life that is no longer working towards the fulfillment of your Soul Purpose. The appearance of this number usually serves as a message that there are things holding you back, or taking you off course, in a certain area of your life.

The energies associated with this number will help you see what changes need to be made and will urge you to move forward in making those decisions.

Number sequences like the number 939 usually also occur as a phenomenon called angel numbers. Angel numbers are numbers charged with vibrations from your guardian angels, often with a deeper personal meaning.

What does the angel number 939 mean?

The best way to decipher the meaning of an angel number in your life is by looking at the significance of each number in the combination. 

In this case, as we’ve mentioned before, the angel number 939 is made up of the number 9 and number 3. The fusion of these two numbers gives 939 the powerful message it carries.

Number 9

Number 9 is often related to a higher perspective and the Universal Spiritual Laws. You’ll usually keep seeing this number when your angels want you to realign with your inner journey. 

It resonates with things like:

  • sensitivity,
  • influence,
  • benevolence (kindness), and
  • non-conformity.

Allow the appearance of this number in your life to encourage you to break free from the limits that other people impose on your life, whether this is their opinions, actions, or even just their presence. The number 9 also symbolizes endings or conclusions, further advising you to bring the negative things around you to their end.

Number 3

The number 3, as an angel number, reverberates with the energies of self-expression and communication. Your angels use this number, in sequence or alone, when they want you to focus on expressing yourself into the world. 

It resonates with energies such as:

  • optimism,
  • talent,
  • friendliness, and
  • expansion.

Angel number 3 encourages you to grow and expand yourself into your world, creating the reality you imagine. It represents a positive outlook on life and a strong determination. 

On top of this, 3 also symbolizes the energies of the Ascended Masters, letting you know that they are always near and you need only ask for their input.

What does the angel number 939 mean in love?

When it comes to love, the angel number 939 often serves as encouragement to fill your life with love.

Your angels use this number as a message to expand your love outwards from within, starting with yourself and ending with everyone you come into contact with. By doing this, you will most likely become an inspiration and joy to the people around, inviting more love back into your own life.

If you’re currently in a relationship, the angel number 939 might be asking you to let go of the hurt and bitterness from past conflicts. Your angels want you to move forward and restore your relationship with love, trust, and intimacy. 

As difficult as this may be, holding on to past anger or pain will only bring more of the same.

If you’re not in a relationship yet, the 939 angel number is most often urging you to love yourself deeply and purely, before looking for someone else to love. If you have not embraced every part of yourself it will affect the kind of partner and relationship that enters your life. 

Take time to acknowledge and accept each part of yourself as you prepare to allow love into your life.

What does the 939 angel number mean for twin flames?

If you’re not familiar with the concept, twin flames are two people who are near-exact replicas of each other. They often hold up a mirror to each other, revealing the good and bad things about themselves. 

The relationship dynamic between twin flames, while not always romantic or sexual, is always heavily charged with emotion, which in turn creates the opportunity for immense growth or hurt.

For people in a twin flame dynamic, the angel number 939 encourages you to let go of the mistakes and misunderstandings of your past. Work towards forgiving each other, as well as opening your heart and mind to the other person’s perspectives.

For people not in a twin flame relationship, angel number 939 often means that your twin flame is coming into your life soon.

Your angels are encouraging you to love and trust yourself. Open yourself to their arrival in your life while remaining aware of your own boundaries and limitations.

What does the angel number 939 mean spiritually?

If you resonate with the angel number 939 spiritually, your angels may be coaxing you to turn your attention inwards. They might want you to look for the perspectives or beliefs you hold that are limiting your growth within.

In the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, it’s easy for the spiritual self to become forgotten or diminished. This is when your angels use the angel number 939, meaning that they want you to make sure you are giving attention and energy to this special, powerful part of yourself.

If you have any doubts or fears, remember that the Ascended Masters are resonating with this number and they are more than happy to give you guidance or comfort along the way.

What should I do when I see angel number 939?

The angel number 939 powerfully symbolizes the concept of “from within outwards.” If you keep seeing this angel number in different parts of your life, focus on embracing good things like love, kindness, joy, and peace within yourself, then expand it outwards into the world.

You must first know something for yourself before you can give it to others, so it is crucial to understand and apply things like this for yourself and then share it with others. Not only will the manifestation of these positive vibrations change your life for the better, but they will also reflect from the world back to you.


Your angels are close to you in every step you take and they desperately want to help you in your journey. Accepting that the frequent appearance of a number in your life could actually be divine communication is, however, not easy to accept.

Your most powerful tool in finding, seeing, and understanding signs in your life is your intuition. This momentary feeling that gives you direction or warning, serves as your connection to your higher self. 

By creating and maintaining practices that give clarity to this inner connection, you will allow yourself to discover new ways of living and being—ways that fulfill you instead of drain you.

If your intuition is definitely directing your attention towards the angel number 939, open your heart and mind to the possibility of difficult but positive changes occurring in your life, starting from within and expanding outwards. 

Practice discernment inside and out to find the things that are holding you back in your life journey.

Remember that if you are ever confused or afraid, you can turn to your guardian angels for the help that you need. These divine beings care deeply about you and the path you take in life, so their input will only ever take you further.

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