Angel Number 889: What Does It Symbolize?

angel number 889

I am sure you are confused and are seeking answers, answers to a repeating pattern that you noticed. Answers to the number 889 that seems to appear to you more frequently than usual. Could it be a sign of impending doom? Or a sign of imminent blessing? Could it be a warning or a thumbs up? Read on to find out what the significance of angel number 889 is.

Ways we receive messages from the divine are far from direct. They make use of other means, leaving clues and patterns for us to pick up and unravel. Numbers are one of the most used as numbers are definitive and always mean the same thing. This is so as to prevent a misinterpretation of the message sent.

The angels have different numbers and ways of sending messages to us. In order to understand these messages, the single components of the angel numbers have to be deciphered, and their symbolism took into account.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 889

Angel number 889 is the combination of single entities with their own symbolism. To better understand the message contained in number 889, you must first know what the numbers 8 and 9 stand for.

Angel number 8 stands for practicality. It encourages you to value the power you possess and is a sign of good fortune and wealth. It shows that you are having personal development and growth and indicates you have a good level of personal awareness and self-esteem. Due to its powerful significance, it is widely considered as one of the most powerful and joy bringing numbers among the angel numbers. The number 8 comes with so much energy and is a motivation to you so that you can hunger for knowledge of who you are, and have a focus on the important things.

Angel number 9 calls you to evaluate your life. Are you in good standing with the forces of nature? Number 9 is a symbol of karma at the corner. It calls you to be good, and do more good deeds because the world serves you in the same plate in which you serve. The more good you do, the more good you shall receive. Number 9 also signifies an end. It signifies completion.

Based on these, the combination of the numbers has a powerful meaning that shows that you are getting somewhere and are becoming a better person.

What Are The Angels Saying In 889?

The number 889 puts you above negative energies and urges you to be a better person and in good standing with nature and your neighbor. You need to forgive and keep doing good. The number 889 dwells more on your business life and productivity than in your love life.

The angels are motivating you and telling you to concentrate on the positive things and energies and move on. Let go of things and people that drain your energy and focus.

Number 889 is a call to action. It tells you to use the contacts you have made for the greater good. It is time to do more and help many more. Start a movement that would be of benefit to those who are in need. Start a movement that will touch the lives of many. You may not be capable of doing this on your own but you know where to get help from. You have people who are capable of coming through for you. 

You are about to retire as your time of service is at its end. Your labor and work are completed. You have served well and have enjoyed your service and have established contacts and bonds with various category of people. You have a fear of leaving all these and the thoughts that it will all end scares you. You have nothing to worry about. It is a stepping stone for you to achieve greater things for the good of humanity.

889 tells you that you have achieved a lot, and have attained a good level of personal growth as one of your achievements. You have made many mistakes, and have learned from them and that is why you know so much and have grown so well.

Now that you have achieved a lot and are almost retiring, you have to give back to the world. You have to help others who are in need. You have to help others attain great heights, and do great things. Give hope to all and use what you have, and who you are to touch lives.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 889

When you see the angel number 889, you have to relax. It tells you to focus and so, that you must do. Render help as you have always done to your fellow men. Help others grow and show love and support to your neighbors.

You will go through a phase where things will stop or slow down. Do not be alarmed but be ready for another responsibility lies ahead. It is time for you to make use of your achievements for someone else. You are called to a world of humanitarian acts.

Bear it at the back of your mind that the level of personal growth and development you have attained has been for a reason. Now you can interact with people and understand them properly and that is the basis for your second calling. This job unlike the other you have will not be for profit-making. It will be for the benefit of others around you and their thanks and prayers for you will be the only profit you make.

The retirement or end of an era that you are getting ready for is not for you to rest, but is for you to make use of the person you have become, and all you have to make a difference in the world.


The angels are always around us and they require a bit of openness of our minds and hearts to reach out to us. You can always call on them for guidance, or help and watch out for the signs as they never fail to show themselves when we are most in need.

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