Angel Number 701 Meaning & Symbolism

Angel number 701 is all about personal power, divine assistance, new beginnings, inner wisdom, and spiritual awakening. 

This angelic sign helps you to find your true desires and achieve success in life.

Your guardian angels brought this number into your life for a reason so it is imperative that you pay close attention. Our angels have a divine reason for everything they do and they cannot make mistakes.

In this guide, we will discuss the secret meaning and symbolism of angel number 701, the universal energies present, the impacts on our loved ones, and much more.

Angel Number 701 Meaning and Significance

To understand the number 701 we need to take a closer look at the number sequences present within this angel number. 

For example, we need to understand the meaning behind Angel numbers seven, zero, and one.

Angel number seven is highly mystical with a pure connection to the divine realm. There are elements of spiritual enlightenment, psychic analysis, pure wisdom, life balance, and inner intuition.

Number 0 encompasses the beginning of time, eternity, and encourages us to keep an open mind. 

The number one signifies fierce ambition, leadership abilities, individualism, new beginnings, and inner wisdom.

When we consider each of these angel numbers altogether there is an indication of a new spiritual journey unfolding and a benevolent push from our angels to enjoy life and harness our inner power.

There is a positive light associated with Angel number 701 and this often symbolizes a fresh start in life. 

Your guardian angels are offering you small blessings and a pathway to true spirituality through the power of this number if you are willing to give them a chance.

What Does Angel Number 701 Mean Spiritually?

With Angel number seven located at the start of this numerical combination, it is quite obvious there will be spiritual connotations attached to Angel number 701. 

Maybe you are in a vulnerable place right now and you need help finding your inner strength.  I believe your angels will make a way for you.

This might require you to step outside of your comfort zone, but rest assured this will always lead to good fortune. Change can be scary but with the ascended masters by your side, you will be just fine.

You can move forward with confidence, motivation, and direction as you embark on this new spiritual journey. It is highly important that you clear your mind of negative thoughts. 

A positive mindset is critical to this next phase of your life.

If you are stuck in the past thinking of others’ unsolicited advice this will only cause you to stumble, fall, and fail to achieve your dreams. 

We all face challenges, but we also have the ability and strength to overcome them.

Rely on your angels if you desire support or motivation in this area. They will never fail you. 

Above all, do not let your thoughts wander. Always redirect your mind to think positive thoughts and you will be set up for success in the long run.

What is the Symbolism of Angel Number 701?

The symbolic meaning of Angel number 701 involves the divine placement of each number. 

For example, we already discussed the importance of having the number seven at the head, but have you considered what the heart of number 701 might be?

To find the heart of a certain angel number you must find the digit located exactly in the middle of the numerical combination. For number 701, the number we are referring to is 0. 

This number offers an important message that connects us to divinity and eternity. Additionally, the number 0 implies a need for an open mind. 

So both of these elements are critical when deciphering your personal meaning and interpretation of Angel number 701.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 701?

If you are frequently seeing number 701 in your daily life, there are new beginnings just on the horizon. This might strike fear in a person or two because not everyone enjoys change.

Angel number 701 meaning enlightens us to take on new challenges and truly be our best selves. 

Maybe you are in the most vulnerable place you have ever experienced and you are terrified of what this might mean for you. But you must know that the universe will never forsake you or lead you astray.

Trust the process of change as your angels sharpen you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. 

They are making you better than you ever thought you could be. Ultimately they are leading you toward your soul mission in life and there is no greater gift than this.

Never give up on this journey because your efforts are being acknowledged and your progress is proficiently documented. 

Keep your faith and focus on your life goals. You are moving in the right direction.

What Does Angel Number 701 Mean In Love?

If you are in a relationship, your angels are challenging you to offer more love and support than you ever have before. 

The reason for this is because you have likely already found your twin flame and your combined energies are working wonders in the universe.

You do not want to risk losing your loved one so you should always approach your person with love, adoration, and respect. 

No matter how long you two have been together, you should never let your flame die. Stay committed to keeping the spark alive.

If you are single, there is an equally important message from Angel number 701. The universe is wanting you to focus on love, but more specifically in the area of self-love.

By partaking in self-care practices and self-love rituals you will attract better romantic candidates in your life and eventually find your twin flame match. 

You must love yourself before you can fully love someone else. This is the pathway to success in relationships.

Loving yourself requires confidence, bravery, and stepping out of your comfort zone. This is the key to finding true love in your life.


In conclusion, you can trust your angels to be the perfect silent companion in your life. They are not always visible or audible, but you can wholeheartedly trust that they will never leave you.

Angel number 701 offers a path of progress, enlightenment, joy, love, spiritual fulfillment, and so much more. If you are willing to trust the ascended masters, the possibilities are limitless.

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