The Meaning & Symbolism of Angel Number 358

Angel number 358 is a sign from the divine realm that you’re currently on the right path. Keep doing the things you are good at because what you’re doing right now will lead you to the successful realization of your dreams. 

Angel numbers appear in our lives as messages from the ascended masters of the universe. 

They’re meant to guide, instruct, or warn us about aspects of our life that either need correction or are good for our souls. 

Through numerology, we can better interpret the meaning behind the angel number 358. 

Angel Number 358 Meaning and Significance

The 358 Angel number brings with it the promise of success, prosperity, and wealth. 

The number’s meaning is that your dreams and goals are valid and that you’re surely going to reach them if you continue what you’re currently doing. 

Angle number 358 is also a message that something is going to change in your life in the near future. You have the power to not only make the change but also to determine how it will impact you. 

You have the blessings, skills, abilities, and talents you need to succeed. 

Listen to the wishes of the ascended masters and examine if you’re properly using them in your life. Their wisdom will support you in your journey. 

You may have to leave your comfort zone to achieve the growth you’ve been striving for. 

Listen to your intuition and your gut feelings, approaching new opportunities with a positive attitude.

Angel number 358 is a sign to begin the thing you’ve wanted to. Whether that’s a new career path, a business, or a relationship. 

Now is an excellent opportunity to make significant progress on your journey to prosperity. 

The road will not always be easy, even though this point in time is a good place to start. 

Trust in your inner strength and the support of the divine realm to get you through the challenges you’ll face. 

What Does Angel Number 358 Mean Spiritually?

The angels send the number 358 to people as a sign of success coming to them, but the spiritual implications are slightly different. 

They’re asking you to be a light to the world and changes within yourself are also coming. 

Rely on the spiritual signs from the divine. Now is a good time to reconnect with old friends. The angel numbers urge you to seek forgiveness from those you have wronged. 

Repairing those relationships will allow you to become the kind of soul that will embrace those great successes in your life. 

It’s also a call to set a good example. You have the ability to be kind and show people the right example of how they should be living. 

Embrace that responsibility and look to do good for those around you whenever possible. 

What is the Symbolism of Angel Number 358?

The secret meaning of Angel number 358 is a number related to peace and serenity. The lofty soul of the angels has heard your prayers and wants to help you reach those goals. 

You may need to use creative solutions and make decisions with your own intuition to follow their guidance. 

Each of the three numbers has meaning unto itself. 

The number 3 meaning revolves around creativity and self-expression. The number energizes you to help yourself and others define their goals and work. 

The number 5 meaning revolves around major change. Changes within yourself can have huge ramifications on the world around you, so the change must be a positive one. 

Get rid of negative habits to become the person you want to be. 

The number 8 meaning revolves around power and how you can manifest it in the world around you. 

Use the positive energy in your life to rid yourself of negative obstacles on the way to your goals.

The number 7 is the sum of Angel number 358 in classic numerology. 

It is the sacred number of the divine, as well as introspection and wisdom. The highly spiritual number represents the creative approach to solving problems. 

Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 358?

An angel number can appear in the date or time, a phone number or a billboard, or in any number of places in your life. 

Angle number 358 could be appearing because you’ve been struggling with a decision. The angels are encouraging you to go for it. 

Now is a good time to step outside of your routine and start something new. Angel number 358 could also be appearing to you because of how hard you’ve worked. 

Your guardian angel wants you to know that you’re on the right track and continuing the things you are doing will help you find peace and bring their blessings into your life. 

In some cases, Angel number 358 is a call for introspection. Examine yourself, looking at the things you’re good at. How have you been using those skills? 

The angel number is telling you that you can apply them to reach your goals, you just need to look for creative ways to do so. 

What Does Angel Number 358 Mean In Love?

Angle number 358 brings new energy and peace into your love life and reflects the twin ray. If your hope was to find your twin soul, the number encourages you to be ready to welcome that love into your life. 

The angels will be sending a special person into your life very soon. 

The number brings about the blessings of prosperity that can help your twin souls find peace, success, and greater wealth. 

This is brought about by the positive energy of your twin souls enhancing the abilities and power of one another while offering support in trying moments. 

For others, Angel number 358 is a message to let go of the past mistakes you’ve made in relationships. Do not forget your errors, rather learn from the past and move fearlessly into the future. 

Allow your partner and yourself to exercise personal freedom. 

Your twin soul will still be devoted to you and your relationship, but that freedom will give them the peace of mind to allow both of you to continue growing. 


Angle number 358 appears to tell you that success in your physical strength, material life, or spiritual connections is coming. 

The angels want you to be ready to accept the blessing that is on the way, learn from past mistakes, and proceed with courage. 

The positive energy coming into your life is going to give you the peace that you’ve prayed for.

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